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Stag beetles at play Stag beetles at play

Just in: (11/02/2017) - Xylotrupes gideon L2 (unsexed) larvae £5-6 each get them while stock lasts.


We will soon be restocked in the following:

  • Dynastes herucles hercules l1-l2 larvae
  • Chalcosoma atlas l1-l2 larvae
  • Allomyrina dichotoma adult pairs.
  • Chalcosoma atlas adult pairs.

(Estimate Mid March perhaps slightly longer for the adult pairs.).


Also a wide range of supplies to make your hobby easier. Rather than search through the net for suitable goods we have sourced the correct items as used by far east breeders for you.

A particularly exciting item is the new handling stick it is handcrafted and is the tradtional tool which has been designed over decades by breeders in the far east to be the best way of humanely controlling your animals as these beetles have very strong grip and trying to yank them off a surface could result in injury.

Latest new product is the much requested adult beetle perch (as seen on many far east videos). Our perch is made from hard wearing and waterproof Mopani wood from Africa. At £4.99 this is a real bargain compared to normal petshop prices for the same type of item. Each perch is unique as they are organic real wood pieces.

Finally we are delighted to announce our new kits, which provide everything you need to keep larvae or adult beetles.


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