A. dichotoma L3

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A. dichotoma Larva L3

Ideal species for begginer!

These larvae will pupate into adults within 8 Months


Important Note

Larvae are delivered in a small quantity of substrate (see article on front page for information on this combination of food and bedding material).

For shipping purposes the amount provided has to be small so that the animal is tightly contained during the movement of posting and thus protected from harm.

As a result you will need to gain a supply of substrate to feed and house your larvae. 


(GGG) Good Genetics Guaranteed. 

All larvae are breed from major individuals so good genetics will be inherited and no minor or genetically unhealthy individuals are ever used in our breeding projects, quite the opposite we are always striving to breed adults which achieve a high average size and we import Major specimens from our associates across the world to add to our breeding programme as not only are they impressive but their is evidence to show larger individuals are healthier and tend to live longer. We are working on establishing varieties which are bred for the thickness of their horns and varieties with red and white eyes, we are always aiming to bring you the best possible specimens here at RhiobeetleUK and you too can be a valuable part of our breeding projects as we will happily buy adults/larvae from our customers if they can breed individuals which possess these desired traits.

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