POWER UP (100% White rot Oak) Supplement

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5l of White rot wood Substrate
NOT TO BE USED ALONE, Only add approx 10% to our "Larvae Substrate" for species which like a high amount of soft decayed wood in their diet such as species from the Chalcosoma Genus.

Larvae food supplement / Breeding material

100% organic, made from White rot wood logs (Oak), 

To be used in conjuction with our larvae substrate.

Larvae food ideal for raising species which like a high amount of white rot wood in their diet such as: Dynastidae, Golofa, Megasoma,Xylotrupes, Chalcosoma as well as most Lucanidae species which can be raised using this substrate. This substrate is added when necessary to our Larvae substrate (add around 10% when topping up your larvae substrate after removing old faecal pellets using a plastic colander). 

We suggest adding this to your adults breeding container as it will increase the chance your female will lay a good amount of eggs.

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