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Import of Rhinobeetle species into Canada is completely legal (at least all the species we sell!).

The formal process is unfortunately quite complex. To import ANY live insect you need a permit, even although it is allowed. 

The process you then need to follow is:

Step 1:
First visit this link which will take you to a very long list of insect species. Keep in mind that you need to know the Latin name for your insect to find it. Next to the insect species name will be a column entitled intended use. If the use is listed as exhibit, you will most likely not be able to import it into your country unless you are an approved educational or research facility. Next to that column will be another that states if you need a permit or not to have it. ALL of our species are on the allowed list.

Step 2: If you have determined that you want to go ahead and try your luck you will need to visit the forms catalogue page.
Specifically you want to scroll down until you come to the number 5083 – Application for permit to import. In this column you will need to click on the included link to form application number 5256, which is the required form for the importing of foreign insects. You will have to download that form in order to view it and probably print it out to fill it.

Step 3: You will have to now email the Import Permit Office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to request a permit from them. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
After a day they will send you an actual message that has an application form attached to it. The form is unfortunately only compatible with Internet Explorer. They say it will not open if you are using Safari or Chrome. Once you complete the form online you are to print it off, sign it and then email or fax it to their office including the payment information. (Important) Make sure that when you fill out this form that you indicate that the insects are for personal use!) The form will then be sent to specialists for further review.

Prices involved in permits: It is a $35 application fee to fill out a form and send it into the Permit Office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, it is another $250 fee to have the specialists assess whether your wanted insect is too much of a pest for it to be safely harbored here. In other words you may end up paying $285 plus taxes just for them to say no and keep your money. I would recommend that you think carefully before applying. Like I said, if your insect is listed as exhibit for intended use, they may not go for it.

Many customers import into Canada without the permit to avoid all of this complication, which looks overly complex given the animals are clearly allowed, but we have had seizures and returns to us of the animals. We are happy to follow your instructions either with or without a permit as it is your responsibility as importer to get any necessary permit. As with US customs the reality is they dont want the complexity of the permits either but it is the law.

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