Dynastes hercules

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Hercules beetle.

The Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) is the most famous and the largest of the rhinoceros beetles

Size and Description
It is the largest of the six species in the Dynastes genus, and one of the largest beetles known, up to 17 cm (6.5 in) in length it is only exceeded by two other beetles in the family (specimens of 17–17.5 cm are known) and Titanus giganteus (also up to 17–17.5 cm; several 18+ cm specimens are reputed/alleged to exist).  One reason for this is that the development of the horns is not strictly correlated to actual body size; it is possible for a female to be much longer, measured from eyes to abdomen, than a male, yet be considered "smaller" simply due to the absence of horns.

It is native to the rainforests of Central AmericaSouth America, and the Lesser Antilles

As noted above, Hercules beetle females are generally larger-bodied but much shorter, as they lack horns entirely. The larvalstage of the Hercules beetle will last one to two years, with the larva growing up to 4.5 inches (11 cm) in length and weighing more than 100 grams. Much of the life of the larva is spent tunneling through its primary food source of rotting wood. After the larval period, transformation into a pupa, and moulting, the beetle then emerges as an adult. Adults will roam the forest floor in search of decaying fruit.

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